Kamis, 04 Juni 2015

HOT! Honda Jazz RSZ identity Finally Exposed

Rumors of variants All-New Honda Jazz RSZ which is the highest version of the above type of RS, finally broken. Then who the real All-New Honda Jazz is RSZ?

Fandy Jonfis as Marketing & Aftersales Service Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor, when encountered when present in Surabaya Automotive Exhibition (POS) 2014 which opened on Wednesday (29/10), confirm the truth of the universe variants that had horrendous four-wheeled automotive world the country , According to him, the type of Honda Jazz RSZ actually the same as the existing models in Indonesia.

"Oh yes, that was before we launched Honda Jazz, on the internet there are sightings Honda RSZ. Indeed, in Thailand we have a variant of Honda RSZ and indeed different. But in Indonesia, we call fixed RS not RSZ," said Fandy Jonfis to Otosia com (29 / 10).

The significant difference from the Honda Jazz RS and RSZ located on various features and also the target market of both. In Indonesia alone, the type Top Honda Jazz still owned by the RS.

"His name just different. Because of its well disparate, he is in our (Indonesian) there is and the others anymore", he concluded.
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