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Details 4 Variants Honda HR-V Version Indonesia

Directly to be excellent in the crossover SUV segment thanks to such a slick and modern design, Honda HR-V was first introduced in the country in IIMS 2014 and has been officially beat the market with a variety of four-wheeled prowess.

HR-V, which is called by the name Vezel in his hometown, is presented to your customers crave the country that mounts the confidence that can be invited to 'play' with the full prestige and bulldoze roads difficult without removing the element of fun to drive.

There are four models to choose from, namely A, S, E and Prestige, each of which rely on machine 1.500cc to 1.800cc three first model and specific to the type of Prestige. Honda HR-V in Indonesia is priced with a starting price range of Rp 243 million to Rp 355 million.

Wanted to propose this cool car? See the first details of each type of Honda HR-V below. (KPL / sno)
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